The Worst Pizza in the History of Mankind is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield tells a story about Tony Arbacli, who is hated among the villagers for his pizza making and singing.


Garfield explains how history has had many disasters, such as The Black Plague, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Cleveland Indians. He states that they all pale in comparison to Toni Arbacli, Jon Arbuckle's ancestor, who was responsible for the worst pizza ever created.

Half a century ago, Tony Arbacli lived with his dog (who resembled Odie), whom he would go out and play with. He had a pizzeria, which did not do well as he was a terrible pizza chef. None of his pizzas were any good, and his singing to his customers was just as bad. A cat walked into the town one day and smelled the pizza, thinking it was good. The cat found the pizza to be so hard, none of its tools could break it. It was also confronted with Tony's cacophonic singing.

That night, the villagers all held a meeting about what to do with Tony and formed an angry mob. They stormed the pizzeria and threatened to lynch him. The cat helped Tony get rid of the mob by singing horrifically. Since they forgot a pizza left in the oven, the oven overheated and exploded, destroying the restaurant.

The destruction was a joyous celebration for the food world, whilst Tony is now out of a job without his restaurant. The only thing that survived was one lone pizza. Tony tossed it away and his dog fetched it. This led him to invent the frisbee; thus, he became rich for selling a toy that kids and dogs could play, and he never sang or cooked again.

Jon, on the other hand, inherited Tony's ancestor's terrible cooking and singing, but not his wealth.


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