The Worm Turns is the second segment from the seventh episode of Garfield and Friends.


Orson tells viewers about Booker's new relationship with a worm.


Orson is reading a book in his waller while wearing an inner tube. He gets out to greet the viewer by letting the air out of the tube, causing him to fly off into the distance. When he lands, he is unable to find his air pump, so he goes to find Wade.

While Wade is sleeping under a tree, Roy sneaks up with Orson’s air pump and blows Wade’s inner tube up to an enormous size. When Wade wakes up, he concludes that he has shrunk. He jumps out of the inner tube and runs off in a frenzy. Orson tells him to no avail that he is still the same size. After Roy reveals that he was playing a prank, Orson begins to explain Roy’s normal antics, only to notice the viewer suggesting that Booker is worm hunting. Orson then explains why Booker no longer chases worms.

Booker is continually chasing worms, singing about how much he hates them and what he will do to a worm if he catches one. He then sets a rope trap for the worm. He soon goes on another chase, with the worm tricking him into getting caught in his own trap. Hanging in a tree, he continually calls for help, well into the night. After a few hours, the worm, becoming sympathetic, comes back and cuts the rope, freeing Booker from the tree. He then grabs the worm and, instead of trying to eat it, kisses it.

Wade asks Orson if he thinks the friendship between Booker and the worm will last, and Orson assures him that it will. Booker then walks by singing about how much he likes the worm, only to change his mind and chase after it again.


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  • The gag of Roy inflating Wade's inner tube comes from the strip published on November 6, 1986.
  • In the title card, the worm is shaped as the "S" in the name of the episode.
  • The wife worm is seen knitting something, despite not having hands.
  • The remastered version of this episode has it in "retrovision", when the episode is surrounded by a still image of a television. This was because 9 Story Media Group were missing some animation frames.


  • The likeness of Wade on his inner tube does not start snoring in synch with Wade until the camera does a close-up.

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