The Wolf Who Cried Boy is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


Roy keeps ringing a bell to (falsely) alert the farm about the wolf. Orson relates this to a (somewhat) familiar story. And soon the wolf actually appears.


A wolf has recently been spotted around the barnyard, attempting to steal the chickens, so Orson calls the others for a meeting about an emergency bell to ring if the wolf is spotted.

Roy takes advantage of the situation to pull of one of his tricks. He rings the bell, making everyone come rushing (except for Wade, who hides), only to realize that Roy had tricked them. Not appreciating the joke, they head back to what they were doing before (with Orson telling Wade what had happened). Roy proceeds to do it again, which brings similar results.

Eventually, the wolf actually shows up. When Roy notices him, he tries to warn the others; everyone except Wade ignores him. Orson eventually tells the chicks a story about a wolf cub who kept sounding false alarms to his pack about hunters, leading to a situation similar to the one on the farm. Before Orson can end the story, he realizes that Roy is actually being honest and rounds everyone up to stop the wolf.

As the wolf makes his escape, assuming no one will stop him, he is caught by a rope thrown by the farm animals. With the other end of the rope on a tractor, Bo drives him to the next county. With the chickens safe, the others reconvene at the the bell, with an exhausted Roy continuing to ring it. When asked if he has learned his lesson, Roy claims to have done so, yet he and the others are skeptical about being trustworthy.



  • The second hunter in Orson's story bears a resemblance to Jon Arbuckle.

Cultural References

  • The title and story of the episode is a spoof of Aesop's fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf, which Booker brings up when Orson first mentions it.

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