The Wise Man is the third segment from the fifty-sixth episode of Garfield and Friends.


A guru comes to organize Jon Arbuckle's life.


Jon Arbuckle is on a picnic with his pets. Although he regrets doing so due to his work demands, he realizes that his pets need a break. After Garfield hits Jon with a tomato, the latter tells Garfield and Odie that he has to leave to carry on with his work. A guru appears and introduces himself as Maharishi. Maharishi tells Jon that he is living in an unnatural state. Garfield imagines himself as a guru after Maharishi compliments him. Jon asks the guru to help with his life.

The guru tells Jon to get rid of all electronics in order to unlock "The Nine Fold Paths, To The Twenty Seven Gates, of the Hundred and Twelve Roads of Wisdom". Garfield takes a nap, and awakes to find that Maharishi has gotten rid of all food appliances. Arbuckle is told that he can only eat steamed brown rice, before Maharishi calms Garfield down, after the cat accuses him. Garfield then finds out that the guru has gotten rid of the television as well. Maharishi tries to entertain Garfield with a pungi, which Garfield quickly ends. Garfield goes back to sleep on straw which has replaced Jon's bed. The guru becomes amazed as Garfield quickly falls asleep on the straw, and plans to monitor Garfield's habits.

After Maharishi observes Garfield, he leaves to go teach other students, while telling Jon that he has a better teacher, Garfield. Jon reveals that his life has become more peaceful after meeting Maharishi. They see the guru has changed, and is acting like Garfield. Maharishi tells a student from Bombay what to do before Garfield steals a lasagna from Maharishi's hand.


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  • In the title card, Maharishi appears thinner than he is in the episode.

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