The Well Dweller is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


While drilling for water, Orson encounters a strange little creature named Al. Orson's brothers try to steal what little water the farm has left and Al.


It is a hot day, and Orson's brothers are roasting out in the sun. Mort tries to use the pump, only to find that they have no water. Being the rotten pigs that they are, they head over to Orson's farm to take his water.

Meanwhile, on the farm, Orson needs Bo's help to dig for any water. After they dig a hole and Orson drops a pebble in, there is no splash, indicating a severe shortage of water. As Orson and Bo leave, a strange creature pops out of the hole and starts to walk on the farmland. Wade walks by and notices the creature, frantically stammering at such a sight.

The farm is down to one tub of water. Orson locks it up so it can be reserved for emergencies. As they leave the barn to continue digging, the creature happens to sneak in and attempt to get the water, setting off an alarm Orson installed. Orson catches the creature, who reveals his name to be Al. He lives in an underground city. He was casually strolling and got hit by the pebble Orson dropped and wanted to tell him not to do it. He also wanted to get a drink of water due to the heat, and Orson gives him a glass of it to hydrate him.

Orson's brothers notice Al and wonder what they can do with him. They attack Orson, Bo, and Al. Al does not take kindly to their hostility and attacks them with a magical beam he has the power to shoot. This causes Orson's brothers to run away while the others until Bo and Orson.

They take Al back to the hole Orson drilled and worry about the lack of water they have been suffering from. Al offers to get them some water. Orson does not believe there could be any water after digging there. Just then, the well bursts with a geyser of water coming out, courtesy of Al. Orson thanks Al, hoping he heard it. Wade realizes that water is coming down on him, snapping out of his earlier spell, he runs in fear while the others rejoice in their newly obtained water.


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