The Third Penelope Episode

The Third Penelope Episode is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield and Penelope imagine what their lives would be like if they were married.


Garfield and Penelope are in Momma's Pizzeria, where Penelope is passing Garfield various meals, asking which ones Garfield wants to eat. He eagerly agrees for everything: lasagna, linguine and pizza. When Penny asks Garfield for marriage, he eagerly agrees at first, just because he heard "marinara" instead of "marriage". While Momma is cooking more meals for Garfield, he leaves the restaurant, excusing himself to have appointments and taking sandwiches.

Penelope is amazed, how could Garfield agree for marriage and flee so quickly. Momma explains her, that "living with the man is like life with an elephant - fun, until you have to clean after it." Meanwhile, Garfield runs away home and builds a shelter from wooden planks around his bed, telling Odie to testify, that Garfield left and nobody knows where and for how long.

Major Characters

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  • Penelope has two different fur colors: in parts in the pizzeria and her live with Garfield, her fur is more gray; in Garfield's dream and the end of the episode, her fur tone changes into more beige.
  • This episode is a parody of having own family seen from both sides: Penelope imagines her home with patriarchal family system, where she does the whole chore and Garfield just sits in armchair and commands; while Garfield's dream shows reversed family system, where mother-in-law rules the male part of family using the regime of iron hand.
  • It turns out, that Penelope doesn't want to have family with Garfield at all, since their possible offspring (based on Nermal's appearance) would inherit appetite after their father.


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