The Thing That Stayed Forever is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Jon's Uncle Ed, who is even more fat and lazy than Garfield, comes to his house and overstays his welcome. 


Garfield, Jon and Odie are walking home from a game of tennis. Jon goes inside to take a shower, when he sees he got a message from his Uncle Ed saying that he is going to stay with them for a while. Jon panics over this and tries to keep his uncle from coming. Jon tries locking the door and blocking it with heavy planks of wood, only to find that Uncle Ed already let himself in and brought in his many suitcases.

At dinner, Uncle Ed eats all the food before Garfield can. That night, Uncle Ed sleeps in Jon's bedroom, forcing Jon to sleep on the couch and spend all night listening to his uncle's loud snoring. Soon enough, Uncle Ed starts eating all of the food and have Jon pay for his food.

The final straw is when Uncle Ed starts staying for nearly a year and tells Jon to do more things for him such as repainting the house and making more prime rib for dinner. Jon finally snaps and tells Garfield he will do anything if he and Odie can get rid of Uncle Ed.

First, Garfield tries making a dish even he would not eat to get rid of Uncle Ed, who enjoys it anyway. Next, he adjusts the springs in Jon's hammock to catapult him into the next zip code; instead, it makes him land on Jon's chair. Finally, Garfield has Jon call Uncle Ed's wife, Edna. Edna arrives and it is revealed that Uncle Ed only stayed with Jon so he could cheat on his diet. Aunt Edna takes Uncle Ed away and Jon starts rejoicing. Garfield still wants his reward- large quantities of food.


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