The Superhero Apprentice is an episode from the third season of The Garfield Show.


Jealous of Garfield as the Caped Avenger, Nermal decides to become a supervillain.


Garfield and Odie are rushing home to listen to a news broadcast about the Caped Avenger. They pass an electronics store, where they watch the broadcast on the televisions in the store window. Garfield discovers the video of himself catching the security guard thief as the Caped Avenger is the second most popular cat video in the world, the most popular being a video of Nermal singing and dancing. Nermal arrives as his awful singing in the video causes the TVs to short-circuit. Garfield realizes they are next to the comic shop, where Rupert is being interviewed about the Caped Avenger. Rupert unveils a "Caped Avenger Signal" (like the Bat Signal) and reveals a shipment of Caped Avenger action figures will arrive the day after tomorrow. Rupert gives Garfield the idea to have a sidekick, and Nermal leaves, jealous of the Caped Avenger. Garfield decides to hold sidekick auditions, despite Odie's obvious interest in being the Caped Avenger's sidekick.

Garfield holds the auditions the next day in the town park, turning down Hercules as he believes a chihuahua could never be a superhero. When Garfield reveals how dangerous being a superhero is, everyone leaves except Odie. Garfield turns down Odie again, and meanwhile, Nermal realizes the Caped Avenger's video is more popular of his own. He decides to become a supervillain in order to defeat the Caped Avenger, and recruits a saddened Hercules to be his sidekick. That night, Nermal and Hercules vandalize the Caped Avenger Signal.

When Garfield hears about his vandalized signal, he decides to apprehend the supervillains behind it and needs a sidekick to do so. Garfield asks Odie to be his sidekick, and while Odie originally refuses because of the way Garfield acted, he caves in when Garfield says Odie will get a great costume. A truck of Caped Avenger action figures arrives at the comic shop, and many of the Caped Avenger's fans are waiting to get an action figure. Herman Post (who drove the truck of action figures) gives Rupert a form he has to fill out before the action figures can be brought to the store. Hercules attacks the mailman while Nermal attempts to steal the truck of action figures. However, Garfield arrives in his Caped Avenger costume with Odie (who is also wearing a costume). Hercules runs away in fear of the do-gooders, and Nermal drives away in the truck.

Garfield chases after Nermal and eventually jumps onto the truck, causing Nermal to jump onto the truck's roof to attack him. With no one driving the truck, it crashes into a waste disposal plant, and Garfiled and Nermal are sent flying onto a conveyor belt carrying waste toward a large device that will flatten the waste. Garfield and Nermal evade several axes and other destructive mechanisms, but cannot escape the flattening machine. Odie uses his long tongue to rescue them, and they both go flying and land on the Caped Avenger action figures.

In the aftermath, Odie has become more popular than Garfield and Nermal. Garfield joins Nermal in doing the dance he did in his video, and as they dance down the street, all the TVs short-circuit.


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