The Stand Up Mouse is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


Floyd rents out his home to a mouse comedian.


Garfield and Odie finish lunch, with Garfield giving Jon a list of grades for the service. Annoyed with his complaints (including the lack of a strolling violinist for ambiance), Jon throws Garfield out of the kitchen.

Garfield then discovers that Floyd is renting out his house to someone else- Myron Mouse. As Floyd, dissatisfied with his lack of appearances, leaves for another show, Myron tries to get Garfield to chase him. Upon discovering Garfield's lack of desire for mouse chasing, Myron takes advantage of the situation by inviting other mice to the house.

While Garfield takes a nap in his bed, Myron performs stand-up comedy, with Garfield being the subject of his jokes. The audience enjoys the act. Odie eventually notices what is going on, then heads to the kitchen to wake Garfield up (namely by partially opening a jar of pickles).

Meanwhile, Floyd is at WBOR, where he gets ready for his role on another show. It turns out to be Giant Robot Ninja Pussycats, which Floyd finds to be too intense. He returns to Garfield, explaining that "The roles are small, but at least you don't get stepped on." As he arrives at the Arbuckle house, he finds other mice fleeing after seeing Garfield wake up. When he returns, he is about to confront Myron, prompting Myron to leave. When Floyd requests a role on the show, Garfield has one for him- a strolling violinist during mealtime.


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  • Garfield's grades for lunch at the beginning of the episode are:
    • Service (C+)
    • Promptness (B-)
    • Quality of food (C)
    • Quantity of food (D-)
    • Ambiance (F)
  • The name of the comedy club created by Myron is the Komedy Hole.
  • Floyd refers to the show as "the Garfield show" (not The Garfield Show).
  • Garfield identifies the opened pickles as half-sour kosher dill pickle spears.

Cultural References

  • Giant Robot Ninja Pussycats is a parody of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The series takes place in the sewers, where the title characters of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles often reside.
  • When Myron is making insult jokes about Garfield, he compares him to John, Paul, George, and Ringo, alluding to the members of The Beatles.

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