The Splut Pies are flying pies, which strike Garfield in the face at random instances, making the sound, "SPLUT!" on impact. Spluts are used for shock humor, or as a running gag (one of their appearances included Garfield checking the calendar to discover that it was "Splut Week"). Even with Splut pies being common in the comic strip, Jon Arbuckle still acts surprised when they happen. Odie seems to be immune to Splut pies.

Garifled 85

Start of splut week 1985


  • Early splut gags involved Garfield's food bowl.
  • The first week of spluts occurred in July 1982 - from 7/19 to 7/24
  • They are known as gorsh pies in Samoa.
  • In one "on the fence" strip, Garfield is attacked by a shoe making the sound "SPLUT!", but Garfield comments that that's not the sound shoes make, until he is properly splutted.
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