The Spiders are a running gag in the Garfield comic strip. They sometimes walk around the house or dangle from the ceiling—and Garfield squishes them with rolled-up newspapers. This leads to several attempts by the spiders to get back at Garfield, about half of which are successful. Garfield occasionally obtains help from the spiders, such as to get rid of an annoying fly. While the spiders are usually portrayed as hating Garfield; they sometimes try to be nice to him. The spiders occasionally survive after being squished.

Notable Spiders


Guido Spider1998.gif

Garfield once hired Guido to kill a fly in 1998, he later squished him. Guido once gave Garfield a spider-sized Christmas hat. Guido would also swat Garfield for two flies (although he wound up only getting one).


  • Using a laser pen to make Garfield fall off the table.
  • Taking Pooky as a hostage.
  • Ruining Garfield's selfie.
  • Imprisoning Garfield in a web (which has happened twice) or a cocoon of spider silk.
  • A group of spiders once managed to drag Garfield up in the air with their webbing, and then put a cactus below him before they drop Garfield. Garfield showed little concern, as he only mildly complained, "This will not end well."
  • Hitting Garfield with a newspaper (this has happened twice).
  • Going to the beach for spring break (two spiders went together).
  • Attaching itself to Pooky's face.
  • Doing cartwheels in front of Garfield.
  • Distracting Garfield by dancing on his head.
  • Causing Garfield to spit out and/or spill his coffee.
  • Stealing Garfield's donuts by lifting them up.
  • Scaring Jon into giving up his food for Garfield.
  • Convincing Garfield it will do anything for him if he spares it.
  • Asking Garfield if he would eat a fly he just caught.
  • Showing Garfield pictures of its 73,000 grandchildren.
  • Telling Garfield its mother would care if spiders never existed.
  • Telling Garfield it's not easy being a spider and that 5 of its knees hurt; this prompted Garfield to reply to the spider "Ouch."
  • Telling Garfield that pants are very expensive if you're a spider; this prompted Garfield to reply to the spider "You don't wear pants."
  • Telling Garfield it will become famous if he squashes it; this is proven to be true, as a spider teacher asks its students in a spider-like classroom why they celebrate National Stupid Day.
  • Ordering 3 tons of dried flies to be delivered to the house via the internet.
  • Writing "The Cat Is Stoopid" on the wall.
  • Celebrating New Year's Day with Garfield.
  • Parachuting down from its webbing to the counter.
  • Escaping Garfield's bedroom via moonlight and an open window.
  • Tricking Garfield into not squishing them by tell him to squish them, or imitating the sounds of Garfield squishing them.
  • Wearing Jon's hard hat to keep Garfield from squishing it; this deafened the spider when Garfield hit the hat. They once also wore one that was spider-sized and that worked.
  • A team of spiders once trapped Garfield and Odie in a cocoon of spider silk and threw it into a yard that contained the Big Vicious Dog, who proceeded to beat them up.
  • Tricking Garfield into swatting himself on the head by tickling him.
  • Eating a whole fly; this impressed Garfield, who called the spider a "pig".
  • Attaching itself to a balloon; this subsequently allowed the spider to escape the house.
  • Popping out of a birthday present for Garfield; this subsequently allowed the spider to escape.
  • Attempting to order Garfield to swat it, this tricked him and allowed the spider to escape.
  • A spider creates a Christmas tree-shaped spider web, which successfully impresses Garfield.
  • One spider, about to be squished by Garfield, managed to outrun his swing.
  • When Garfield tried to squish a spider with a window, he ended up bringing down the house, with the spider surviving.
  • When Garfield once tried to jump on a spider, he missed and fell partly through the floor.
  • Garfield uses cologne on a spider, having thought it was bug spray.
  • When Garfield blew a spider away, the spider ended up on Garfield's face.
  • When Garfield flicked a spider away, the spider ended up on Garfield's food.
  • Garfield tries to intimidate a spider, only to have the spider tell him it forgot what they were talking about.
  • When Garfield once tried to eliminate a spider, he missed and swatted Jon instead, allowing the spider to escape.
  • When Garfield once swatted a hanging spider, the spider wrapped its webbing around Garfield's head and survived.
  • When Garfield once thought he swatted a spider and flicked the spider away, it survived and wrapped a cocoon around him as revenge.
  • Hiding in a rigged present (multiple times).
  • Using a scooter to dodge Garfield.
  • Intentionally making themselves flat so that Garfield would think that he had already swatted them.


  • Attempting to convince Garfield that he would never kill spiders while he was asleep.
  • Requesting Garfield to give it various insects for a spider-like jambalaya.
  • Requesting Garfield to purchase various insect-like desserts for local spider soldiers.
  • Assuming Garfield was nowhere inside the house; this subsequently allowed Garfield to immediately take out 4 spiders by surprise.
  • Claiming that they are better than Garfield.
  • Telling 4 other spiders not to fear Garfield; this prompted Garfield to eliminate the entire group.
  • Telling Garfield it had a headache; this prompted Garfield to clobber the spider with a bottle of aspirin.
  • Telling Garfield to get rid of an old calendar; this prompted Garfield to swat the spider with the calendar.
  • Attempting to offer Garfield a "Be Kind To Spiders Week" pamphlet; this prompted Garfield to take out the spider with the pamphlet.
  • Hanging off a shower head; this prompted Garfield to cut down the spider, sending it down the drain.
  • Telling another spider that swatting spiders is wrong; this caused the other spider to tell the one Garfield swatted that doing so is unattractive as well.
  • Telling Garfield that it will eventually turn into a butterfly in front of a caterpillar.
  • Telling Garfield that the older you get the wiser you'll become; this caused the spider to remark that Garfield's reflexes weren't bad after he squashed it.
  • Attempting to give Garfield a gingerbread fly while he was watching a Christmas movie.
  • Attempting to catch a giant brick dropped by Garfield.
  • Attempting to impress Garfield with a ball of yarn.
  • Attempting to convince Garfield to give it a hug for Christmas.
  • Attempting to convince Garfield to drink a glass of spider venom.
  • Attempting to offer Garfield a candy cane for Christmas.
  • Attempting to offer Garfield a cocoon as a birthday present.
  • Attempting to intimidate Garfield with a tarantula; this prompted Garfield to take out the tarantula instead.
  • Attempting to intimidate Garfield with a cockroach; this prompted Garfield to blind the cockroach and take out the spider.
  • Attempting to disguise itself as Santa Claus.
  • Attempting to electrocute and surprise Garfield.
  • Attempting to defeat an alarm clock that unknowingly went off.
  • Attempting to pass a Christmas ornament that unknowingly fell down.
  • Asking Garfield where to find a masseur who could deliver a deep-tissue massage.
  • Attempting to attach itself to a Christmas light; this caused the spider to be flung away from the Christmas tree.
  • Attempting to climb up a lamp; this caused the lamp to fling the spider up to the ceiling when Garfield turned it on.
  • Attempting to land near Garfield from behind; this prompted Garfield to slap the spider with his tail.
  • Attempting to take a picture of another spider with Garfield; this prompted Garfield to take out the spider getting its picture taken.
  • Attempting to steal one of Garfield's donuts; this prompted Garfield to dip both into his coffee.
  • Attempting to swat Garfield with a heavy magazine; this caused the magazine to fall on the spider.
  • Attempting to force Garfield to sign insurance papers.
  • Attempting to issue a restraining order against Garfield.
  • Unknowingly becoming the target of a makeshift game of piñata hosted by Garfield.
  • Unknowingly becoming victim to a trap door that only Garfield knew was there.
  • Asking Garfield whether or not a nearby spider convention was being held.
  • Asking Garfield whether or not he would eat a fly he just caught.
  • Kicking a cat-shaped snowman; this caused the snowman to fall on the spider.
  • Garfield tries to use a squashed spider as a makeshift Christmas tree star, which Jon rejects.
  • Garfield tries to trick Jon with a rubber spider, which only scares him instead.
  • Garfield tests out a spider's new toy, hurting the spider as a result.
  • Garfield squashes a spider with Jon's pillow, which scares Jon when he sees it.
  • Garfield claps a book on a spider, which scares Jon when he reads it.
  • Garfield rolls up a curtain on a spider, which scares Jon when he rolls it back down.
  • Garfield clobbers a spider with a golf club, which scares Jon when he shows it to him.
  • Garfield knocks a spider off its web, which he remarks, "doesn't look safe".
  • Garfield invites a spider into the house before clobbering it with a book.
  • Garfield whacks a spider with a magnifying glass Jon gave him.
  • Garfield swats a spider who attempts to be friends with him.
  • Garfield tells a spider he promises not to swat it, only to immediately end up taking it down.
  • Garfield flings away a spider that was using the heat register as a way to get up to the ceiling.
  • Garfield pulls down a spider and releases; the spider then crashes into the ceiling.
  • Garfield tries to lure a spider into a blender, which fails to impress Jon.
  • Garfield swats a spider on the ceiling; the spider then falls into Jon's coffee.
  • Garfield rolls up a spider in a newspaper and blows; the spider ricochets off a window screen and hits a frying pan in Garfield's hand.
  • Garfield swats and eats a spider who asked him whether the afterlife is either a continuation of someone's spirit or a more ephemeral thing.
  • After Garfield swats a spider on the living room chair, a giant-sized one sneaks up behind him.
  • When Garfield lets a spider answer the telephone, he clobbers the spider with it in the process.
  • When Garfield spots two spiders in the snow, he swats the spiders and uses them as part of a snowman he was making.
  • When three spiders attempt to surround Garfield and have him arrested, two are swatted by newspapers, and the third one is crushed between Garfield's ears.
  • A spider climbs up a salt shaker, only to end up stuck in the shaker's holes.
  • A spider disguises itself as a cat, which does not convince Garfield.
  • A spider notices a brown ring and is immediately crushed by a coffee cup in Garfield's hand.
  • A spider outruns a fly swatter in Garfield's hand, only to be clobbered by a giant newspaper at the front door.
  • A spider named Lorenzo Garbanzo attempts to avenge its grandfather's death, only to end up swatted by Garfield.
  • A spider tells Garfield the story of how its uncle Barton died, which fails to impress him.
  • A spider sings a Christmas song to Garfield; Garfield swats the spider for going flat.
  • A spider attempts to play dead in front of Garfield, only to end up flushed down the toilet.
  • A spider on Garfield's weight scale is squished by him, damaging the scale in the process.
  • A spider calls Garfield ugly via a spider-sized microphone, only to be taken out by Garfield.
  • A spider bites its tongue and succumbs to its wounds immediately thereafter.
  • A spider boasts to Garfield that it can break bricks, only to end up getting clobbered by one.
  • A spider attempts to read an email on a laptop, only to be clobbered when Garfield closes the laptop.
  • A spider attempts to complete the Shakespeare line "To be or not to be; that is the question", only to be taken out by Garfield in the process.
  • The ghost of a spider Garfield swatted attempts to scare him; the ghost is instead taken out by the ghost of a newspaper Garfield rolled up.
  • Odie tries in vain to intimidate a spider by barking at it.
  • Jon tries to convince Garfield that most kinds of spiders are harmless; Garfield swats one to prove that dead ones are.
  • Jon once stomped on a spider before Garfield ever got the chance to do so.
  • When a spider once climbed onto Odie's nose, he sneezed the spider away, causing it end up on Jon's face.
  • Garfield once jumped off the roof with a bungee cord while disguised as a spider in an attempt to pounce on Herman Post. Herman ran away, causing Garfield to crash into the ground.
  • Jon tries to flick a spider away, only to have Garfield bash his hand with a frying pan.
  • Jon sweeps a spider out of the house, only to encounter Garfield stomping on it.
  • Mistaking a spoon for a catapult; this caused the spoon to fling the spider into the air and cause the spider to hit the ceiling when Garfield bashed his paw on it.


  • They have appeared 393 times, the 6th most appearances.
    • Guido has appeared 7 times.
  • Spiders barely appear in Garfield and Friends - one huge spider is imagined by Wade the Duck in "The Thing in the Box".


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