Space Lasagna On Earth

The Space Lasagna are aliens from the planet Parma that look exactly like ordinary lasagna. They try to take over the Earth, with their plans constantly thwarted by Garfield, who finds lasagna delicious. They try to eliminate him with very little success.

They are ruled by a Lasagna King and have a space ship to explore the universe that looks like a high powered pressure cooker. They also have spy camera droids made of ravioli.

Their home planet looks like a enormous ball of mozzarella cheese surrounded by asteroids made of meatballs like the rings of Saturn and Uranus. The layout of the planet resembles an ordinary dinner meal.

It consists of ingredients of Italian food, such as houses made from Italian cheese, the ground being a giant pizza with toppings, sky scrapers made of mounds of pasta and the Lasagna King's palace made of a bowl of spaghetti.



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