• (Thunder cracks and rain pours)
  • Jon Arbuckle: Don't worry, guys. My sense of direction is as sharp as ever.
  • Garfield: We're hopelessly lost.
  • Jon Arbuckle: I know exactly where we are.
  • Garfield: He doesn't even know what country we're in.
  • Jon Arbuckle: Let me have that map again, Garfield.
  • (Garfield hands over the map)
  • Jon Arbuckle: The lake is this way, like I thought, it's right there!
  • Garfield: That's not a lake, that's blueberry jelly from my sandwich.
  • (Thunder crashes and rain pours again)
  • Jon Arbuckle: Well, we're lost. Things can't possibly get any worse.
  • (Thunder crashes one more time, Jon's car rattles down the street, pops a tire, and stops in front of an old hotel.)
  • (Odie whines)
  • Garfield: You should never say things can't possibly get any worse. Things will always find a way.
  • (Jon goes to the back of the car and rummages around in the trunk)
  • Jon Arbuckle: I had a spare tire in here, but someone took it out.
  • Garfield: Well, I had to have room for the hibachi, didn't I?
  • (Jon holds up the hibachi)
  • Jon Arbuckle: Garfield!
  • (Jon sighs)
  • Jon Arbuckle That gas station we passed a mile back won't be open until morning. We'll have to spend the night here.
  • (Jon points at the hotel, the camera focuses on Garfield, thunder crashes once more.)
  • Garfield: Nice Touch.
  • (Thunder crashes as Jon and his pets step into the run-down hotel)
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