The Robot is the sixthUS/twenty-secondEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


Jon buys a robot to clean up after pets. It torments Garfield and Odie instead.


Jon is making beef stew in the kitchen. As he carries it out, he slips on one of Odie’s toys, followed by Garfield’s dish. He chides the two for not picking up after themselves, then hears the doorbell.

At the door is Mr. Sellers, a salesman, who offers a cleaning robot named the TID-E 7000. As a demonstration, Mr. Sellers sets the robot to clean up after pets. The robot does so, using robotic vision to find targets; it also collects the pets themselves, putting them into the trash cans outside. Jon is pleased with the performance of the robot, and thus signs the paper to buy it, much to the dismay of Garfield and Odie. He is given an instruction manual, then throws it out, figuring it to be of no use.

Garfield tries to eat a cookie without any trouble; a falling crumb causes the robot to go vacuum him up (with Odie already inside).  After the two are thrown out, Odie has the instruction manual in his mouth, which Garfield notices. Garfield decides to use it to their advantage.

In the living room, Odie incites the robot by dropping popcorn on the floor. As the robot chases Odie, Garfield jumps on top of it and opens its top.  From there, he manages to reprogram it to clean up after Jon. It proceeds to do so when he drops a popcorn kernel on the floor, eventually scrubbing him thoroughly. Garfield eventually stops the robot.

Jon apologizes for the turnout of the robot, blaming the salesman. When Mr. Sellers returns to the house to check on the robot, Garfield dumps mud on him from the roof, causing the robot to go after him (Garfield reprogramed it to “clean sleazy sales people”). After realizing that he has not been refunded yet, Jon tries to get to Mr. Sellers, while Garfield and Odie decide to make the house a mess again.


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  • Jon says Mr. Sellers name at the end of the episode, although Mr. Sellers had not spoken his name.



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