The Pizza Patrol is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield takes advantage of a military-theme pizza joint's offer for free pizza if the delivery is late.


General Mayhem, owner of the Pizza Patrol, introduces his delivery men to their mission- delivering pizzas to Garfield, which happens to be their most dangerous adversary yet.

The Pizza Patrol began this dangerous challenge when Garfield saw a commercial for it. General Mayhem had stated in his commercial that if his men cannot deliver pizza to the address in 30 minutes, then it is free. Garfield then gets Jon to call the number for the Pizza Patrol, then records his voice on a video recorder for future orders. From then on, Mayhem sends out his men to deliver pizza to Jon's house in super fast cars. Each time, Garfield manages to delay the men to get past the 30 minute limit.

For the first delivery man, Garfield litters the walkway with extra sticky bubblegum, which the delivery man gets trapped in. The second one gets confused by Garfield switching the area code on his house. By the time he realizes which house is the correct one, it is too late. The third one arrives on time, only to be caught in a pitfall made by Garfield.

When the fourth delivery comes around, the other delivery men flee in terror at the thought of Garfield, prompting General Mayhem to deliver the pizza himself. Mayhem uses a helicopter to get to the house, while Garfield plants seeds in the front yard and uses miracle grow to create a makeshift jungle. By the time the general gets there, the yard is so overgrown that he is forced to use a machete to get to the front door. Garfield tries to swipe the pizza; he instead hits a tree. The general finally reaches the front door, which is rigged with quicksand. The trapped Mayhem ultimately surrenders.

In the house, Garfield and Mayhem create a treaty. The treaty states that each Saturday, Garfield gets a free pizza with everything except anchovies. The cat, craving egg rolls, then asks if there any Chinese places that deliver in 30 minutes.


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Cultural References

  • In the title card of the episode, Garfield is wearing an outfit similar to the U.S. Army officer uniform from World War II, with brigadier general rank insignia on the shoulders and helmet.

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