The Orson Awards is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Orson hosts an award show.


The 32nd annual Orson Awards are opening up and everyone is looking forward to it, except for Wade who doesn't want to attend out of fear of winning and needing to give a speech as well as losing and being humiliated. Orson rushes to the show and runs into his brothers who threaten him to give them an award.

Orson arrives and presents the first category: Best chicken/rooster in a supporting role. Roy believes he's going to win, but Booker and Sheldon win in a tie. Wade tries to go to the award ceremony only to find that Orson's brothers will be attending. Bo wins the award for best barnyard art design, which he comments on winning last year. The next award is the final one and desperate to win, Roy takes over as the host disguising himself as Orson and leaving him tied up while he goes to present the award in his name. The final category is for the best performance by a character on the show. Roy finds out the real winner is Wade but announces that he won. Orson's brothers proceed to attack Roy while they still believe it's Orson due to his disguise and chase him out. The real Orson returns and announces that Wade won and that he couldn't be there until Wade reveals himself to accept the award. Wade then gives a long acceptance speech.


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