The Old Man of the Mountain is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


When Wade finds Gort sleeping in his bed, he seeks advice to get Gort out of his home.


Wade panics to Orson over the cow giving milk, which is something it is supposed to do. Orson tells Wade about the wise man of the mountain in the book he is reading, and Wade sees Orson as his wise man. He finds Gort sleeping on his bed and cannot get him to leave (as Gort is tired of living in a mud hole). Rather than bother Orson about it, Wade sees the old wise man of the mountain, who happens to be a duck like Wade.

The old man gives his wisdom to Wade (while charging him hundreds of dollars for it), and he tells Wade to roar like a lion at Gort. It does not work. He goes back to the old man and he tells him to buzz like a bee. It also does not work. Finally, the wise man tells him to give up and move somewhere else. He then quits and reveals to have been merely a duck putting on a charade. Soon, upon seeing a dog coming to see the old man, Wade takes the job and help the dog out.


Main characters

Minor characters


  • The sky constantly changes colors in every shot at the top of the mountain.


  • Gort has white eyes instead of yellow.

Cultural references

  • Wade guesses that when the lion roars, the movie is about to start, a reference to MGM's logo that features a lion.

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