The Ocean Blue is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


In a musical episode, Garfield, Jon, and Odie go to the beach and have an encounter with a shark.


A narrator sings the events that happen in the episode. Garfield, Jon and Odie go to the coast for a little fun. When Jon goes out for a swim, one of the sailors warns of a shark sighting. Jon gets out and goes fishing. Garfield looks around for something to eat and Odie spies a pizza delivery boat. Orders are made by raising flags on boats; each flag means a different topping or style.

Garfield and Odie go out on a speed boat to get an order; as it turns on, neither one of them can steer it. Worse, the shark was around. Garfield tries to hold up one of the flags, apparently unable to figure out which one meant which topping. Jon happens to notice their dilemma and tries to save them. He trips over a bait bucket and falls into the boat with them.

A little while later, the boat runs out of fuel, leaving them stranded at sea. Jon tries to call for help, only getting a talk show as a result. The shark begins to eat the stern of the boat which Odie investigates. He sees the shark rise up and continue to eat the boat, leaving the trio to their watery doom. As all hope seems lost, the pizza delivery guy swims by and brings a pizza that Garfield happened to order. Jon pays for it (with a dime for a tip). Garfield gets an idea and feeds the remainder of his pizza to the shark. The shark likes it so much, he gives them a lift back to shore. Jon tells the pizza staff to feed the shark some of their food more often to keep it from attacking the sailors. So, they decide that they will set up a flag for the shark to get pizza when he feels hungry.

The shark reveals that he was the one narrating the events of the episode, and that he can order pizza from a buoy by rising the appropriate flag. Garfield finds that the pizza often has anchovies on them, which the shark likes. Garfield states he would rather eat the boat than anchovies.


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Sailors (voiced by Gregg Berger and Thom Huge)


  • This is the final segment from the final episode of Garfield and Friends.
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