The Monster Who Couldn't Scare Anybody is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


Orson tells the story of a young monster named Michael who attempts to scare somebody in order to prove himself to his family.


When Orson is unable to find a story to read to Booker and Sheldon one night, he decides to tell them a nonfictional story.

Michael, the youngest in a family of monsters, cannot scare anybody. His father orders him to go scare someone and cover his face with a paper bag, due to his "homely" appearance. Michael winds up at the farm in his search for someone to scare.

First, he tries to scare a goat, only for the goat to hit him with a hoe. Next, he tries to scare Roy, who is playing a trick on Orson's brothers, which is also unsuccessful. Roy decides to help him scare Wade, being the perfect target. Meanwhile, Orson's brothers find out that Roy has tricked them and go back to the farm to get back at him.

Back on the farm, Roy tells Wade about a monster approaching. Wade, becoming scared before he even sees Michael, runs off and faints after a collision. Michael starts to feel like a failure and walks away sadly. Orson's brothers return and use Roy as a practice dummy for football. Michael sees this and attempts to help Roy. Michael's paper bag then flies off and reveals his face. Orson's brothers become scared of the sight and run off screaming. Michael goes back home, where his family is proud of him.

After Orson concludes the story, Booker and Sheldon ask Orson why his brothers got scared. Orson shows them that Michael resembles "Farmer Merv", a farmer who sells sausages, which come from pigs.


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  • This episode marks the U.S Acres' characters last appearance in television animation.

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