The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere's Duck is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.



Bo is delivering the mail around the farm and comes to Roy's roost. Roy tells him to leave in a rude manner and Bo tells him that he has his fan mail to deliver to him. Roy changes his mind and demands the mail. It turns out all he has is one (postage due) letter. Bo goes to deliver Wade's fan mail, which is pulled by a tractor. Roy reads the letter and sees it's a question about how little he's been on the show. He then gets a reminder that the episode's plot is about the tale of Paul Revere and decides to read it himself and include Wade to satisfy Wade's fans.

When Orson tries to tell the poem, it is so boring that the chicks and Wade fall asleep right away. Roy shows up and takes over. When he mentions the duck in his version of the poem, Wade knows where it's going to his joy. As the poem begins, Paul Revere tells his ducks that the British will not invade, but the duck does not take any chances and warns one of the townsfolk (played by Bo) about it and tells him to light a certain number of lanterns if they invade via ridiculous means.

As the duck goes back into his house, he waits in fear under Paul's bed for the invasion. Soon enough, he hears the redcoats charging through the street and goes back to hiding, only to run out of the house when a cockroach approaches. He tries to warn everyone about the British, but finds that they're already there. He frantically runs onto Paul's horse and rides off with it running all the way through each town in the American colony that night as he warns everyone of the invasion, which led to America's victory in overthrowing the British.

The others are very upset with Roy's version as it was an insult to the real poem and sounded ludicrous. Wade scoffs at it but slips on a banana peel and ends up riding a horse just like the duck in Roy's poem. Roy isn't ashamed since he got a starring role after a while.


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  • Paul Revere

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