The mice make cameo appearances in the comic strip. They are often portrayed as living their own social lives in their mouse holes.

Although Jon Arbuckle wants Garfield to get rid of the mice, this never happens. This is either because Garfield is too lazy to chase them, considers the act of eating them to be abhorrent or actually even befriended the mice living in his house. Jon always blames Garfield if he sees any mice or holes in the wall, such as one time, there were so many holes on the wall that it was extremely easily-recognizable. On at least four occasions, the mice have been given names: Squeak appeared in the mid-1980s,Tommy in 2009, Stretch in 1983 and Herman Vermin in the late 1990s.

There is also one mouse named Stretch (not to be confused with Garfield's rubber chicken), who only appeared in one strip. In the September 9, 2004 strip Garfield was seen celebrating one of the mice´s birthday. They often annoy and mock Garfield, such as in one strip, where three mice dove into Garfield's mouth and jumped back out over and over in succession, because Garfield was too lazy to attack them (and he was sleeping, but eventually woke up).

Garfield considers earing mice

Garfield considers eating mice, but his friend talks him out of it.

On January 15th of 2006 (a Sunday strip), Garfield actually considers the idea of eating mice, explaining that, "If I ate mice, I wouldn't have to wait around for Jon to feed me." Squeak puts him off the idea by pointing out the appearance of the various mice in the house, all of which are ugly enough to make the cat lose his appetite.

Despite the general peace between the mice and Garfield, they have pressed their luck with him with an unflattering song about him and on one occasion using him for a bounce house. They once voted to decide on letting Garfield stay in the house. When Jon issued an ultimatum that either the mice go or he goes, they proceeded to move Jon's suitcase down the stairs.


  • They have appeared 401 times in the comics, the 5th most
  • Garfield once was surprised because there was only 4,076 of them.

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