The Man Who Hated Cats is the third segment from the one hundred and ninteneth episode of Garfield and Friends.


When Theodore Block, the new neighbor of Garfield and Jon, displays a hatred towards cats, Garfield sets out to make him change his mind.


Jon and Garfield visit their new neighbor, Theodore Block, who turns out to hate cats with such passion, that his visitors eventually leave him alone. Meanwhile, a talk show host visits Mr. Block and invites him for an interview, since he finds Block's hatred towards felines as good material for his talk show.

While spying on his new neighbor, Garfield discovers that Theodore, as a child, had a black-and-white kitten named Foo Foo, who was his only friend. One day, however, the kitty disappeared without a trace. This made little Theo and adult Theodore not trust anyone, especially cats. In an attempt to get Mr. Block to like cats again, Garfield looks for a stray cat resembling a grown Foo Foo. After a short search, Garfield finds a Foo Foo-like cat in the alley. The cat agrees to Garfield's offer to live with a human, despite having to change his name to "Foo Foo".

Meanwhile, Mr. Block is about to express his negative opinion about the Felis Catus species on the TV talk show, when "Foo Foo" enters the room in a rather clumsy way and captures the attention of Mr. Block.

The trick works - Mr. Block believes that his long-lost kitten has come back to him after such a long period, and instantly gives up his hatred of cats. As a result, the talk show turns into a complete disaster, apparently causing the host to lose his job by not delivering the goods.


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  • Mark Evanier has stated that this is his favorite episode of the series [1].
  • In the German version of the episode [2], "Foo Foo" silently chuckles when grinning to Theodore Block (6:33). In the original English version, he is silent.
  • This is the final episode to feature the Feline Philosopher, who makes a cameo appearance in the alley.
  • This is the longest Garfield cartoon in the series.

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