The Life and Times of the Lasagna Kid is a segment from the eleventh episode of the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


A Western ballad features the Lasagna Kid visiting his favorite saloon in the Wild West. When its owner Mona is kidnapped by a stranger, the Kid heads out to save her.


The tale begins at Mona's, a saloon located in a small Old West town, where its owner is praised for her cooking skills and beauty. According to Mona, guests give her marriage proposals instead of tips. Every night at a quarter to seven, regular guests make way for the Lasagna Kid, who comes to Mona's for dinner and dancing.

During one such dinner, a stranger comes to Mona's, asking for an Italian dinner to go. Having been told that he has to wait for the Lasagna Kid to complete his meals, the Stranger expresses his lack of patience by kidnapping Mona.

The Lasagna Kid proceeds to go after the Stranger after completing his meal. He asks Odie where has the Stranger taken Mona - Odie shows left and the Kid goes the opposite direction, because "for he knows that the puppy is not very bright", as Mona sings in front of her mirror.

It turns out, that the Stranger kidnapped Mona to have revenge on Lasagna Kid, using her as bait and hoping that Stranger's advantage in muscles would allow him making vendetta for queue in the saloon.

The Lasagna Kid finds Mona tied up in a canyon, not being aware that the Stranger has hidden himself behind a boulder. The Kid dismounts from his horse, runs at Mona and unties her. He gets a warm kiss and a hug as a reward. Then the Stranger approaches.

After rescuing Mona, Kid defeats the Stranger with a giant burp that creates an avalanche in the canyon. Kid and Mona manage to flee from the falling rocks whilst the Stranger gets pinned down. Once Mona is brought to safety, Kid returns to take the Stranger to jail.

The Lasagna Kid gets dinner as a reward for saving Mona. The meal makes him burp again and bring down the entire saloon. Mona sings "That's the third time he's done that this week."

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Cultural References

  • According to the song, Mona's is located "down in the valley, just north of Ventura", which means that the town is somewhere in California.
  • During the smoke signal scene, "YMCA" is shown on the tarp.

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