The Legend of Jonny Ragweedseed is the first segment from the one hundred and sixth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield tells the tale of American folk hero Jonny Ragweedseed, a man known for distributing ragweed along the country.


From a book on "American Heroes", Garfield begins to narrate the story of a traveler named Jonny Ragweedseed and his cat, Roosevelt. Jonny is unpopular for planting ragweed around the country, a flowering plant known to cause allergies. Everyday, Jonny and Roosevelt would visit a new town, where they'd plant the ragweed. This would cause the townspeople to sneeze uncontrollably, often causing disaster. In the background, a country songstress sings a verse about Ragweedseed's adventure.

In one town that Ragweedseed visits, Black Bart and Beige Bert, two famous criminals are planning to rob a bank in Midveil, though both are aware its too-well guarded. They witness Jonny being chased by the townspeople, giving Bart the idea to use Jonny's ragweed as a means of stealing the bank's money. After, the songstress sings another verse. After escaping the townsfolk, Jonny wants to give up on his mission until Bart and Bert appear to him. Bart tells Jonny that they like ragweed, and want Jonny to plant it around the bank in Midveil, claiming it's his. Jonny happily accepts to do.

After Jonny does so, Bart and Bert swiftly rob the bank of its money while wearing clothespins on their noses. Jonny and his cat are held accountable for the everyone sneezing, and they're taken to court. As the country singer begins her next verse, Roosevelt becomes annoyed and breaks her banjo. In court, Roosevelt refuses to give up. He grabs the ragweed and tosses it throughout the courtroom, making everyone sneeze. Roosevelt and Jonny then escape the courtroom while the judge, bailiff and bank security guard follow behind.

Just as Bart and Bert are ready to leave town with the stolen money, Jonny and Roosevelt accidentally make the crooks crash into Jonny's pursuers. After the judge recognizes who the bank robbers are, the trio notice all the stolen bank money. They realize that they were wrong about Jonny, but are unable to thank him as both Ragweedseed and Roosevelt fled town. The tale ends as the songstress begin to play another verse while Garfield tries to break her new banjo.


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Cultural References

  • Johnny Ragweedseed is a parody of Johnny Appleseed, whom a farmer mistakes Jonny Ragweedseed for.
  • Pat Buttram is mentioned in this episode.

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