The Legend of Cactus Jupiter is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Cactus Jake, Jon, Garfield, and two science kids get a glimpse of a future involving cowboy culture in space.


Cactus Jake is riding through the flats of Medicine Dream Canyon with Jon, Garfield, and two children from the school science club. Garfield has eaten everything except the beans, which Jake uses to cook some of his famous chili. With the science kids not interested in the wild west, Jake tells them that the Indians that lived in the area were able to see visions of the future, with one such one appearing in front of everyone.

In this vision, Jon, Garfield, and Jake's future descendants cruise the galaxy to another planet, where they have an emergency. Aliens have stolen the colonists' herd of space cattle, prompting the crew to get them back. This version of Garfield is eager to test how cuisine is improved in the future, with a few glitches to iron out. They fly to the location of the cattle and land in some kind of goopy substance with a living eye.

The Tin Man, a robot outlaw, and his posse show up to steal the cattle and hold up the trio. As they steal the cattle, the future Jon falls into the goop and Garfield fends the outlaws off with the food firing from a rapid vending machine. Future Jake takes the particle beam and zaps the goop creature onto the outlaws, trapping them inside.

Garfield, Jon, and the science kids wake up from their vision. This intrigues the kids, thinking that there is a possibility for an evolution on western culture and planetary colonization. The chili is ready and Garfield snags a bowl and wolfs it down, causing him to take off like a rocket.


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  • This is Cactus Jake's final major role in the series. The last time he is seen is in "Stairway to Stardom".

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