The Legal Eagle is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


When Orson finds a book of farm laws, he tries to have the laws enforced. Orson asks Roy to help out, which soon gets out of hand.


Orson comes by carrying a bunch of old books he found in the barn, with the other farm animals running around and bumping into him. He finds a book on old farm laws and becomes inspired by it.

Orson builds a jail cell to remind everyone of the rules of the farm and makes Roy his deputy while he is out on a nature hike. Roy then sings a song about his duties.

As Bo and Lanolin argue, Roy charges them for disturbing the peace and catches them by pretending to be Little Bo Peep. Then he arrests Booker for worm hunting out of season and then the worm for laughing at him and cursing in worm. He then apprehends Sheldon for disco dancing on a Tuesday. Seeing how crazy Roy is acting, Wade calls Orson about the situation. Roy catches Wade and charges him for calling Orson and doing a double take. Whilst on the run, Wade is additionally charged for speeding, hiding in the scarecrow, and disguising himself as a pumpkin.

Orson makes it back to the farm to see the damage Roy has caused and gets arrested for breathing on his feathers. Orson then gets the book from Roy and reads some rules that the rooster is breaking, such as putting ketchup on a peanut butter sandwich, littering with said sandwich, and using a dust pan without a license. Roy locks himself in with the others and tosses the key, leaving everyone trapped while Bo finds out that the book expired in 1889. Outraged, Orson asks who started the law idea in the first place. Everyone gives him a dirty look, indicating that he did, causing him to throw the book out of the cell. The animals wait for anyone to come and let them out of the cell.


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