The Last Word is the fiftiethUS/forty-ninthEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


Nermal places a bet with Garfield to go an hour without eating food.


Garfield is watching TV and eating food in the living room. Nermal claims that all he does is eat. Garfield claims that he can stop eating whenever he wants. Nermal and Garfield then make a bets as to whether or not Garfield can go one hour without eating, if Garfield loses, he has to be Nermal's slave for a week; if he wins, Nermal will stay out of Jon's house for a month. Garfield accepts. The bet starts at exactly 11:00.

To avoid temptation, Garfield put all of his food in the kitchen, which takes one minute to do. He watches TV to kill time, only to find all food related programming. Nermal tempts him with a piece of popcorn on the ground, which Garfield refrains from eating. When Nermal points out that five minutes have passed, Garfield runs upstairs and goes to sleep. Soon, he heads downstairs upon smelling lasagna. He sees the lasagna, goes out to scream, and goes back in.  When Garfield rejects his piece of lasagna, Jon gives it to Nermal, who eats it, making Garfield jealous. Garfield hears everyone's loud chewing noises and shoves bananas in his ears to no avail.

He crawls out the kitchen and sees the time: 11:45. Garfield, starting to have hallucinations, sees Odie as a giant hot dog, which results in a chase. Nermal then shows up, with Garfield seeing him as a big cupcake. Garfield hears something in the kitchen; he discovers the refrigerator tempting him to open itself. Garfield ties it up to resist the temptation. Several foods start to talk, tempting Garfield to eat them, with everything else in the kitchen eventually talking. Just as Garfield reaches his breaking point, the clock hits 12:00.

Garfield realizes he has won and starts eating like crazy. Nermal dejectedly shows up with his bags packed, telling Garfield he will honor his side of the bet. As Garfield continues to devour food, his stomach starts to ache. At the pet hospital, Liz checks Garfield and diagnoses him with indigestion, then tells Jon not to feed him anything solid for the next 24 hours. Back at Jon's house, Nermal tempts Garfield with a chocolate popsicle outside the window. Garfield yells, "CHOCOLATE!" as Nermal walks away.


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Liz Wilson
  • Talking Refrigerator
  • Talking Apple
  • Talking Banana
  • Talking Milk Carton
  • Talking Oven


  • This episode is similar to the Garfield and Friends episode, Five Minute Warning, as both of the episodes have something to do with Garfield being challenged to a bet where he cannot eat for a limited amount of time.

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