The Jelly Roger is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


The Garfield Crime Files covers a TV repairman who believes he is a descendant of an infamous pirate.


A long time ago, pirates ruled the sea and plundered anything they could get their hands on. One pirate known as the Jelly Roger sailed in search of riches and food. His descendants would inherit his appearance and his parrot. His most recent descendant became a TV repairman and suffered a severe blow to the head when installing a satellite dish, causing him to regress back to his pirate ways. This becomes the topic of The Garfield Crime Files.

Jon and his pets are the local pier in look of a boat that Jon purchased. At first, they see a classy yacht that they think is the boat. They later realize that they are looking at the wrong port. Their actual boat is in shambles and barely floating. Jon is determined to get it to sail again.

Meanwhile, the Jelly Roger is sailing and robbing the other boats blind. The coast guard is of no help whatsoever. Jon is trying to get his boat to sail only to run into many problems. The Jelly Roger spots him and sets out to rob him. As Garfield gets his picnic basket, Jon is hijacked by the pirate who demands he hand over all his food or pay with his life. Garfield gives him the basket's entire contents sans one meatloaf sandwich. Garfield gives it to him and the boat sinks.

The pirate is incarcerated and plans to go back to TV repair when he gets out. Next time, the Garfield Crime Files will be going after the inventor of the infomercial.


Main Characters

Minor characters

  • Sailor (voiced by Frank Welker)
  • Coast guard captain (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Boat passengers

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