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The Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


An Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster arrives, while the weasel tries to steal chickens once again.


Orson, Booker and Sheldon take a nature walk until they see Dr. Karloffis Boar's place. Orson tells the chicks that Dr. Boar is a mad scientist who plans to take over the world as lightning stikes and the three leave the castle in a hurry. Inside the castle, Dr. Boar has finished creating his latest robot, but is dismayed that his creating is still stupid. The robot then leaves the castle and falls into the moat getting covered in swamp moss.

Meanwhile Orson, Booker and Sheldon are still walking when Booker complains that he is tired that there is nothing to see. Orson direct the chicks to the beauty of nature. He then stops when he talks about the weasel, who is trying to steal their chickens. The weasel ambushes the three and ties them to a tree while he goes to the farm to steal chicken. At the same time, the robot (to where Orson, Booker and Sheldon initially think it is an incredibly stupid swamp monster due to its appearence and lack of intelligence) unintentionally frees them to play jump rope while Orson gets an idea on how to stop the weasel.

At the farm, Roy is complaining at how he is not getting that much screen time on the show while he tells Wade what this episode is about, causing the duck to run in terror. As a result he gets on the phone with his agent Bernie asking him if he could appear on another show before the Weasel ambushes him and stuffs him in a sack. After the weasel runs out with some chickens, he encounters Orson, Booker, Sheldon and the Incedibly Stupid Swamp monster. The monster then grabs the Weasel and starts to pet him, which causes the Weasel to run in terror at the sight of the monster.

The monster is dismayed that the Weasel ran away while Orson comforts him saying that they can be his friends. They, along with Wade, proceed to celebrate their new friend in the barn. Before entering, the monster wonders if they forgot about someone while Orson insists that they have everyone unaware that they forgot about Roy. Later in the night, Roy who is still in the sack complains about his predicitament and ponders about getting on other shows that will give him more screen time.


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  • The Weasel is consistently referred to as "the Weasel from last season's shows", despite being absent in the previous season.

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