The Impractical Joker is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Orson fires Roy when everyone becomes fed up with Roy's constant jokes; they soon start to miss him.


Roy is asleep in bed, waking up when his alarm clock goes off. After smashing the clock, Roy walks to the entrance of his coop to give the wake-up call. He then goes back to bed.

Booker then brings Roy his mail. Roy opens it in excitement, since it is an insult joke book he has been waiting for. Roy opens the book and uses his first insult from it on Booker. He then goes on to use it on Wade, Lanolin and Sheldon.

They all complain to Orson that Roy’s jokes are going too far, with Orson stating that they are harmless. Nevertheless, he goes to try to reason with Roy, who proceeds to give numerous insults to Orson, going as far as making a song about them. Orson eventually fires him.

Roy glumly packs his bags, stating that he will no longer make fun of anyone. Everyone else tries to convince Orson to hire him back, since he is their resident rooster. Orson states that he will instead hire a new rooster, someone that is less annoying than Roy. Booker suggests that they find someone more annoying, which prompts Wade to call Fred Duck.

Orson hires Fred, despite wanting a rooster, and Fred assures him that he will live up to his job. He soon goes on to insulting Orson. When Orson tries to get Fred on his good side, Fred takes advantage of the line to provide another insult. Fred persists with the insults, prompting Orson to get away from him. Eventually, Orson fires him and then demands that Roy be brought back.

Before anyone can start looking for Roy, he emerges out of a nearby barrel. When told that his job has been reinstated, Roy proceeds to apologize to the others for the insulting things he has said; he cracks up so much throughout the series of apologies, that he walks off laughing uncontrollably before he can finish.


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  • Roy's joke book is called 1001 Ways to Insult Your Friends.
  • The "I wouldn't say he's fat, but when he sits around the house, he really sits around the house" joke would be re-used in "No Laughing Matter".

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