The Haunted House is the sixty-thirdUS/EU episode from the second season of The Garfield Show.


Jon visits a mansion to work on a comic book, unaware that the mansion is haunted by a ghost cat.


Jon's phone rings endlessly while he is trying to work. Mr. Barker calls Jon to see how his comic book is going. When Jon says that he cannot work because his phone keeps interrupting him, Mr. Barker proposes that he should go away on vacation. Jon states that he does not have enough money to go on vacation.

Mr. Barker says that Jon can stay up at a house in the country that he just bought. Jon wants to go because there is no phone to interrupt him. Mr. Barker asks his secretary to make plans for Jon to stay up in the house. the secretary points out that the house is supposed to be haunted, an idea that Mr. Barker waves away.

Jon packs, then he leaves his house. In the car, Odie's stomach starts to growl, and Garfield says that he is not worried about running out of food, because he hitched a food truck to the car. Jon arrives at the house, which looks haunted, and then goes to get the key from under the doormat. Garfield states that he knows the house is haunted. Odie asks how he knows and Garfield says to look at the title of the episode. Garfield then asks for the script and shows it to Odie Thunder suddenly crashes over the house, causing Odie to jump, and Garfield covers his face with the script. Garfield states that there is a big chase scene on the ninth page. After the scare, the pets head inside.


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  • It is revealed that Jon Arbuckle has a subscription for "Pigeon Breeders Monthly".

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