The Garfield Workout is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield hosts his own exercise program, contrasting his exercises with a traditional regimen.


Garfield announces that it's time to exercise, or rather that it's time for the viewers to exercise while he rests. After a little disclaimer, he gets up and starts teaching the viewers how to get their body into the shape his is in.

Garfield's regiment consists of doing the exact opposite of what real exercise is all about. While working out is to get your body in good shape and stay healthy, Garfield's regimen requires eating tons of food and sleeping many hours. He gives examples of how to tell you're overweight with exaggerated visual aids. He also shows how to sit in food with Nermal reluctantly showing examples. Then there's telling jokes to be heckled with food tossed at the performer. Odie returns from having exercised so much that he is exhausted and Garfield shows just how tiring it can be to do that. He then goes to take a nap.

Jon has been watching the program and shows him how Garfield really exercises. He takes a lasagna out of the oven and the aroma reaches Garfield's nose, causing him to run home and start wolfing down the lasagna, with Jon commenting, "Now that's the Garfield workout!"


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