(episode begins, while Garfield is in workout costume.)

Garfield: Are you ready to do Workout? (humans saying: Yes!) Good! You do the workout! (Garfield walks away in the costume's imagine) I'm gonna take a nap. (while he changed clothes to normal, he jumps to take a nap.)

Narrator: (reading) Caution. The exercises you are about to see, should not be attempted, except under the care of a doctor, or a good Italian Chef.

Garfield: (pointing up) Hey! I'm trying to sleep. (while the Narrator reading again.)

Narrator: (reading) Remember, to warm up your muscles, before exercising and your T.V. dinners before eating. And remember to breathe. (showing the full size, while Garfield stops to sleep and he stands up)

Garfield: Okay! (walking down) Might as well, get this over with... (standing up) Today, we're gonna teach you how to get in shape like me. (while her tummy get big into shape, playing the drum boing sound, and the shape looks like tomato with a gibberish of jelly) You'll learn great, exercises like... (showing, while Garfield walks away in hide to the background of Garfield, and a aerobic pasta) Me, aerobic pasta left. (eating a first bite of aerobic pasta) One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four. (while he hides a background with, Garfield left in kitchen, looking at the fridge) Sparked! The Cardiovascular Refrigerator Door Press. (while he stealing food from the fridge left, he hides a another background, with Garfield takes a nap, while he going to sleep) And then, there's my favourite, aerobic snoring. (while he's sleeping) Snores, two, three, four, snores, two, three, four. (hiding while Garfield to show outside back to fitness) Now, that's my kind of exercise. (walking) But I hear, there are some folks, who really want to workout. Who in the world could be so dumb? (while Odie is here, in the fitness and whizes down away)

Odie: Ta-daa! (running away)

Garfield: Sixty-three shows, and he hasn't missed a cue yet. (looks to Odie) My annoyingly active assistant here, will show, what A Normal Workout is Like. (shows the full size of Garfield) The point of The Garfield Workout, is to not do this kind of stuff. Assistant! (while he, Odie is stop running, and he push up down, and fall away down while playing the high boing sound, pushing up) (*yawn*) It wears me, out just watching this. Now, people often ask me, how do you know if you're overweight. (Thank, Garfield! How do you know if you're overweight?) See, there's one now. (shows size back to Garfield) Here are a few hints, which might indicate you're a bit overweight. (Garfield walks away once again in hide background of Garfield and the playground)

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