This page is here to tell you all important characters appearing in an episode. It only shows new debutantes appearing in that certain episode.

Season 1 Debutantes

Pasta Wars

A Game of Cat and Mouse

Perfect Pizza

Mother Garfield

Pup in the Pound

Odie in Love

Not So Sweet Sound of Music

Turkey Trouble


Agent X

Orange and Black

Freaky Monday

King Nermal

  • None

Desperately Seeking Pooky

Curse of the Were-Dog

Meet the Parents

Down on the Farm

The Pet Show

  • Pet Show Host

Pet Matchers

Lucky Charm

Bone Diggers

  • Beasley
  • Myron

More to Come


Soon to be Changed

  • Mother Wolf
  • Dr. Somnambulo
  • Olga
  • Petey
  • Ultra Powerful Guy
  • Nathan
  • Nathan's Mother
  • Alien Traveler
  • Sir Leo
  • Mr. Sellers
  • Vito's Delivery Boy
  • Paddy
  • Jack Allwork
  • Millie

Season 2 Debutantes

Season 3 Debutantes

Season 4 Debutantes

Season 5 Debutantes

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