Not to be confused with the Garfield and Friends Rap.

The Garfield Rap is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


"The Garfield Rap" is presented on Meow TV at #1 on top videos of the week.


Garfield turns on TV to watch video clips showed on MeowTV, when "Ain't Gonna Be Your Scratching Post" song is performed. Following on schedule, Kenny Katnip introduces "The Garfield Rap", which lasts till the end of the episode.

The rest of episode's plot follows lyrics of the title song.



  • Many clips from this episode would be used in the final opening sequence for Garfield and Friends.
  • The animation for this episode was complicated to produce [1].
  • In this episode, Penelope appears in two different fur colors - dark gray (in scene with clocks and on limousine) and light gray, similar to episodes from Season 6 (singing with microphone in paw).

Cultural References

  • MeowTV is a spoof of MTV.
  • Many music parodies and references are made throughout the episode, include:


Garfield and Friends
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