The Garfield Opera is a song in the episode of the same name. Music was provided by Ed Bogas and lyrics by Mark Evanier.



  • So a new day's slowly dawning,
  • Please forgive this cat for yawning,
  • I see that it's half past seven,
  • I think I'll go back to bed until eleven,
  • But the puppy makes me cautious,
  • And our houseguest makes me nauseous,
  • I would sleep but I'm unable,
  • Might as well see if my breakfast's on the table,
  • Where's my meal? I am starving,
  • Start the cooking. Start the carving,
  • I eat breakfast as a habit,
  • This is quite a lovely meal for a rabbit,
  • Make an omelet. Make a waffle,
  • Though you're cooking's really awful,
  • Make me pancakes. Make me bacon,
  • If you think that I will eat this, you're mistaken.

Jon Arbuckle

  • You're too fat! I can't keep quiet!,
  • You're too fat! It's time to diet!,
  • I insist! You will not have a feast,
  • Until you lose ten pounds at least.
  • No more food! Forgive me if I'm sounding rude,
  • But you will have to lose some weight!,
  • You get no more to eat!,
  • Until you look and see your feet!


  • Hiya Odie! Whatcha doing?,
  • How's that bone that you are chewing?,
  • There's a rumbling in my tummy,
  • And that bone of yours is looking pretty yummy.


  • I am Nermal! I'm a cutie!,
  • I'm the peak of feline beauty!,
  • Folks adore me! If they met me!,
  • They will line up for a mile just to pet me!,


  • Sorry, Nermal. Not this morning,
  • You have had your final warning,
  • I have taken up a hobby,
  • Mailing kittens all the way to Abu Dhabi,
  • Un momento. Who's that person?,
  • Why it's Mrs. Ann McPherson,
  • She's the chairman, undefeated,
  • Of a group that makes sure pets are not mistreated,

Mrs. Ann McPherson

  • You poor cat! I heard you squeal!,
  • You poor cat! You need a meal!,
  • It appears your master doesn't give,
  • You all the things you need to live,
  • Feed this cat! You know this is a real threat!,
  • If you don't I will call the cops!,
  • And they will send some cars,
  • Of men to put you behind bars.

Jon Arbuckle

  • Eat! Have a bowl of shredded wheat!
  • Add some sugar, make it sweet!
  • For a treat! It's so neat when you add fruit or berries!
  • Eat! Dieting is obsolete!
  • Have another piece of meat!
  • Can't be beat, though you cannot see your feet!
  • There is nothing in this world like eating all that's edible!
  • Have some ice cream, lightly swirled, it's really just incredible!
  • Eat each pie and roll and tart, and do not count a calorie!
  • Eating is the finest art, you should be in a gallery!
  • Chew! Chew! Chew!
  • Yes you just stuff yourself until your little tummy aches!
  • Bite! Bite! Bite! Bite! All night! Eat sandwiches that your weary kitchen master makes!
  • And cakes! And steaks! And flakes! And lakes of shakes, land sakes!
  • Munch! Have another glass of punch!
  • Eat bananas by the bunch, I've a hunch...
  • That you're planning something good for dinner!
  • Munch! Hear that meal going crunch!
  • Think your chair is gonna scrunch!
  • What a brunch! This should hold you until lunch!
  • You know you love to dine on each find kind of food you can find!
  • You put it all away although as you well know it all winds up behind!
  • Do not let your fork stop! Have another pork chop!
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