The Garfield Opera is an episode of Garfield and Friends.


The Buddy Bears present a musical episode to provide culture to viewers.


The episode begins with a montage of typical Garfield hi-jinks before being interrupted by The Buddy Bears with a "Serious Cultural Moment." When the perturbed viewer then switches the channel to a monster movie, the Buddy Bears promise that the viewer would like it, prompting him to switch back. They then introduce Garfield's first symphony.

A stage appears, and Floyd appears as the conductor. The show begins with Garfield sleeping but he wakes up at 7:30, much to his annoyance. He tries to go back to sleep but is disturbed by Odie and Nermal. He decides to go into to the kitchen instead. He sees Jon holding a plate of lettuce and and demands for him to make a better breakfast. Jon then tells Garfield that he is too fat and puts him on a diet. Garfield prances away and tries to steal Odie's bone, failing after a ballet duet.

Nermal then appears to gush about how cute he is. Garfield responds with an Egyptian-style dance, where he gives Nermal to Herman Post to ship to Abu Dhabi. While he was outside, he sees Mrs. Ann McPherson ("the chairman, undefeated, of a group that makes sure pets are not mistreated"). Garfield hatches a plan. He goes into Jon's closet, uses a corset to appear skinny, and stumbles out in front of Mrs. McPherson. McPherson sees Garfield in his pitiful condition and sings, "you poor cat." She takes him in to Jon and tells him to feed Garfield, telling him that if he does not, she will call the cops and "cars of men will put [him] behind bars."

Jon prepares a massive feast and begins feeding Garfield so much that the corset breaks off as he begins to grow continuously. He becomes too big for the stage and the auditorium, and eventually gets to the size where he can stand on the Earth and eat distant planets. Many are shown panicking- including Binky, Orson, and Roy- then the curtains fall. Garfield is shown at his regular size as he and the others bow in the end.


Major Characters

Minor Characters



Cultural References

  • The song is set to the tune of Ponchielli's Dance of the Hours.
    • "Dance of the Hours" was also famously used for "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (A Letter From Camp)" by Allan Sherman.

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