(The episode begins at Momma's Pizzeria, where Penelope Pussycat is combing her hair)


He's lazy and rude

He eats all the food

He watches the TV all day

So why is he so dreamy to me?

I can't say.

When we have a date

He's usually late

And he expects me to pay

So why is he so dreamy to me? I can't say

(Garfield with a guitar slung on his back runs to the Pizzeria. While crossing the door to Penelope's quarter, he spins and heads to Penelope)


Penelope, dear!

[Penelope turns her head towards Garfield]


Oh, Garfield hon!


Your Garfield is here.

[Penelope jumps off her chair]


Let's go some place that's fun!


Are you in for a treat?


Let's go dancing tonight!


First, I'll take you to eat.


Yeah, I figured you might.


Then we'll go for a walk.


Can we find a new spot?


And we'll have a nice talk.


Where the music is hot?


Then beneath the full moon...

[Penelope is running in circles around Garfield]


Someplace trendy or chic?


...I will sing you a tune!


Like you do every week...

Garfield: Say, since you live in this restaurant, why should we go eat somewhere else?

Penelope: [sighs] We always eat here.

[At the Pizzeria, Garfield is playing the guitar, singing and dancing while the piza is being prepared. Penelope is not enjoying the show.]


Penelope, the girl for me,

The pizzeria where you live is heavenly!

As long as you reside here all the food is free

Oh, you're the girl for me! 

Penelope: Garfield, can we go dancing or do some--

(Penelope suddenly hears exciting rock and roll music)

Penelope: (excitedly) What is that?!

(The scene abruptly cuts to the Kit Kat Klub where Mister Rock and Roll is performing)

Mister Rock and Roll: Hello, baby! Whoo! Hee hee!

(Penelope dashes off to the source of the music, leaving a surprised Garfield, who's eating lasagna behind)

Mister Rock and Roll: Come here, kitty!

(Penelope arrives, and she sees Mister Rock and Roll performing on stage as one cat plays the drums while another plays the piano)

Mister Rock and Roll: I got something to tell you, baby! Uh-huh!

(Penelope is excited to see Mister Rock and Roll Perform)

[Mister Rock and Roll]

Penelope, I'll set you free.

I'd like to take you dancing until half past three

'Cause I'm a dancing cat (Ooooh!) Any fool can plainly see

Mister Rock and Roll: Yeah, baby!

[Mister Rock and Roll]

I'm a dancing cat So won't you come and dance with me?

Yeah! (Oooooh!)

(Penelope hops onto one of the chairs)

[Mister Rock and Roll)

Now, hear my plea, Penelope

Can't you see I come to you on bended knee

I'm a dancing cat with just a shred of dignity

Mister Rock and Roll: Not much, baby.

[Mister Rock and Roll]

But I'm a dancing cat, so won't you come and dance with me? (Ooooooh-whoo!)

I can dance real cool or dance it warm

If we're caught in a desert, I can dance up a storm

I can dance it slow or dance it fast

If we're trapped in a mine, I'll dance up a blast

So it must be, Penelope

We'll make a perfect couple if you'll just agree

I'm a dancing cat, baby, and I make no apology

(Peneople is starting to fall in love with Mister Rock and Roll)

Mister Rock and Roll: Not one, baby, not one.

[Mister Rock and Roll]

I'm a dancing cat, so won't you come and dance with me? (Oooooooooooh!)

(All the cats burst into cheers and applause, including Penelope)

Mister Rock and Roll: Yeah, kitty! Here, kitty! Here, kitty, kitty, kitty! Whoo!

Penelope: (simultaneously) Oh! Oh! Oh, this is great! You're great! Yay!

(The scene dissolves to Penelope sadly walking through town, comparing him to Mister Rock and Roll)


His singing's a bore

Can't listen to more

I wanna get out there and play

So why should I put up with him?

I can't stay

(The scene cuts to Garfield playing his ukelele)


Penelope, the girl for me

My song has so much love, it's like a symphony

(Penelope walks past Garfield, ignoring him and his ukelele)


So what is it that's causing you to want to run and flee

Oh, please come back to me

(Garfield drops his ukelele and runs after Penelope all over town, up fire escapes, on rooftops, and back down again)


Penelope, wait!


Oh, Garfield, you!


Weren't we out on a date?


Can't you see that we're through?


Give a reason, at least


This I cannot forgive


I just got you a feast


In the place where I live


I've tried everything


This has forced me to choose


Don't you like how I sing?


How you sing is a snooze


What's he have that I don't?


Let me send you a list


I just know that you won't


I just cannot resist

(Penelope runs back around the corner, leaving Garfield behind; cut back to the Kit Kat Klub where Mister Rock and Roll and his band are still performing)

[Mister Rock and Roll]

Wop-poppa lula bula bim bam boom

We'll have a rocking wedding as a dancing bride and groom (Oooooh!)

This ditty, Miss Kitty, is just for you (Yeah!)

You're even better than catnip or even canned chopped kidney stew (Oooooooh-woo-woo-woo!)

Mister Rock and Roll: Come here, Miss Kitty! Ha-ha-ha! (singing) Oooooh! (speaking) Yeah! Well, all right! (singing) Oooh!

(The scene dissolves to Garfield, looking depressed in the alley over losing Penelope)


I won't miss her smile or her face

Won't see her when I look anyplace

I'll just forget her

Pretend I never met her

I'll just walk away

(Garfield walks and jumps from rooftop to rooftop, walks under a gate and keeps walking sadly)


Let her stay with Mister Rock and Roll

I'll just take a solitary stroll

I won't miss her chatter

I'll just get fatter

And I'll walk away

(Tears fall from Garfield's eyes as he continues walking through town, then he stops)


Wait a sec, I'm starting now to find

I can't get her off my mind

(Garfield sits on the sidewalk)

Now that I review it

I guess I blew it

How can I undo it?

There must be a way

(Garfield looks at a musical Elvis shop and gets an idea)

Garfield: Hey!

(The scene cuts back to the Kit Kat Klub where cats have gotten seemingly bored; Penelope and Mister Rock and Roll, the Hip Cat, are enjoying the time together over a shake when suddenly, Garfield, in an Elvis costume and a blue guitar arrives on stage and begins to sing in an Elvis-style voice with the band joining in and surprising Penelope and Mister Rock and Roll)


Well, I got myself a big toupee

A brand new suit of gold lamé

(Penelope and Mister Rock and Roll are moving to the beat)


And I curl my lip like I gotta sneeze

Move around like I got fleas

Penelope: (exclaims in delight)


My gal will always be my baby

Garfield: Woo!

Penelope: (exclaims in even more delight) GARFIELD!

(Penelope is madly in love with Garfield and promptly hops on stage to dance with him)


And I got myself a cool guitar

And in a flash, I was a star

(All the cats are dancing along to the music as Penelope exclaims in delight again)


People came from miles away

Just to hear me sing and play

My gal...


Your gal...


...will always be...


...will always be...

[Garfield and Penelope] [your] baby

Now, other guys may start to sing

And get themselves applause

But I will tell you just one thing...


Don't you step on my blue suede paws

(Penelope squeals in delight when Garfield sings right next to her)


Now I'm the king of rock and roll


When you sing, I lose control!

(All the cats in the audience have dressed like Elvis, just like Garfield)


Hey, people dress and sing like me

[Garfield and Penelope]

But for all eternity

My [Your] gal will always be my [your] baby


My gal...


Your gal...

[Garfield and Penelope]

...will always be my [your] baby

Penelope embraces Garfield]

Penelope: I love you, Garfield!

Garfield: (speaking like Elvis) Hey, don't crush the suit, babe. It's a rental.


I'll always be your baby

Garfield: (speaking as Elvis) Excuse me, baby, I gotta go pose for a stamp.

(Garfield spins off the stage as the audience bursts into cheers and applause)

Penelope: I love you, Garfield!


I'll always be your baby

(Penelope squeals in delight as she hops after Garfield and curtain closes)

(episode ends)

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