The Garfield-Only Show is an episode from the third season of The Garfield Show.


Garfield imagines himself playing all of the roles in the show after he dismisses the rest of the cast.


After a falling out with Garfield, all of the other characters quit the show. Garfield doesn't feel as if he needs them and says he can do the show without them. The reason the others quit is because their wanted more screentime and dialogue while Garfield thought he didn't get enough since it's his show. Before he cam start working on a new episode, he finds that the show's staff has also left, leaving him to try to do things on his own.

He finds a script for an episode called "The Big Discovery" and is not impressed by it. He decides to take a nap, hoping a dream sequence could inspire him.

The dream begins and Garfield wakes up to find a clone of him acting like Odie. At that moment, another Garfield dressed like Jon tells him Drusilla and Minerva are coming, sending Garfield into a panic. Before he can escape, he sees two other Garfield's who happen to be dressed like Drusilla and Minerva.

The Garfield twins spot the real Garfield and chase him around the living room as be tries to get away, hiding and barricading the door only to find they somehow got in anyway. A Garfield acting like Herman is on the phone with his wife about the dangers he goes through with Garfield who dumps all of the things he barricaded the door with onto him. Garfield tells the elephant who blocked the door to distract Garfield!Drusilla and Garfield!Minerva while he escapes. He does manage to escape as the twins decide to go after the elephant.

Garfield celebrates his escape from makeovers and dresses until a Garfield that looks like Nermal shows up to flaunt his cuteness. A Garfield as a talent agent is scouting for future talent and spots the real Garfield. He makes him a deal which makes Garfield!Nermal jealous. Garfield!Nermal vows to get the talent part Garfield was offered for himself.

At the studio, Garfield is given his screening test as the manager gives him his directions. After Garfield's turn is up, Garfield!Nermal appears for his audition. The manager leaves and tells Nermal to wait till he gets back. Garfield sneaks into the the back room and gives Garfield!Nermal ridiculous and humiliating directions that he manages to do to his confusion and exhaustion. Garfield!Nermal finds out about Garfield's ploy and the two of them argue over who will get the part. The talent agent returns and tells them neither of them got the part because he decided to give it to the elephant who distracted Garfield!Drusilla and Garfield!Minerva, who gave him a complete makeover. This leaves Garfield and Garfield!Nermal dumbfounded.

The dream sequence ends and Garfield is inspired. He plans to play every role on the show. After he attempts to play a few roles, he realizes he can't do it and needs everyone back. Just then, Odie, Jon, and all the other characters return, having to decided to come back to the show. Vito even gives Garfield a pizza.

Garfield apologizes for the way he acted and promises to give them all more screentime. Squeak acts Garfield to share his pizza with the rest of them, but Garfield refuses, much to everyone else's frustration.


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  • Garfield breaks the 4th wall by saying "Is it called, The Eddie Gourmand Show, or the beginning?!"
  • The plot of the episode is similar to "The Bo Show", as the titular characters (Garfield and Bo Sheep) are forced to play the roles of other characters in their absence. The differences is that Bo's friends were missing as they were kidnapped by Orson's brothers, while the cast and crew of the Garfield Show abandoned Garfield due to a disagreement.



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