The Feline Philosopher (voiced by Eddie Lawrence) is a character who has helped out Garfield, as well as the U.S. Acres gang.


As a personal motivator, The Feline Philosopher has apparent need to boosting morale of those animals, which are experiencing breakdown. His inspiration tactics has two stages: first, he asks the broken down about his/her feelings and failures; then he performs tirade calling to rise against obstacles and go for own claims. This therapy worked especially fine on Wade, although he ends up getting traumatized himself when Wade exchanges his own failures.

The Feline Philosopher looks like a typical cat from the cartoon, except with a black nose, whiskers on his cheeks, a fluffy tail and his characteristic red tie and blue fedora hat.


Garfield and Friends

Season 7


  • The Feline Philosopher inspires other characters in a similar fashion to the Old Philosopher, a character developed by his voice actor.
  • The Feline Philosopher talks with his lips moving, unlike most other animal characters in the Garfield segments of Garfield and Friends.
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