The Feline Felon is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield steals a pie and hallucinates living a life of crime.


While watching a television show called Wanted Bad Guys, Garfield smells a pie that Jon is taking out of the oven. Jon refuses to let him have it because it is for a charity bake sale and it would technically be stealing if Garfield were to eat it. He orders Garfield not to eat it no matter how tempting it is.

Garfield, after briefly appearing to heed Jon's command, takes the pie to a tree. His conscience suddenly kicks in and he refrains from eating it. His curiosity on what type of pie it is causes him to fall and start to hallucinate.

On Wanted Bad Guys, Garfield's act of thievery is reported and dramatized. Soon, he started stealing other baked goods and other things in the forms of visual puns. He is also rumored to be stealing pants. The police then trap him by disguising themselves as lasagna and arrest him, where he is sentenced to a lifetime of a raisin diet.

Garfield then comes to and realizes he has to get the pie back. Jon finds the pie gone and believes Garfield stooped to a new low just before Garfield returns with the pie. For being honest and doing the right thing, Jon lets Garfield have it because he baked another pie in advance. Garfield's joy is short-lived because it is a raisin pie, resulting in him tossing it at Jon's face.


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