The Farmyard Feline Philosopher is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


When the Weasel encounters the Feline Philosopher, he gets a motivation speech that enables him to steal the chickens without being thwarted.


The alarm goes off on the farm and everyone is running in a panic. When Wade asks Roy what is going on, the rooster tells him that the Weasel had stole the chickens causing Wade himself to panic. Upon seeing the Weasel, Orson gives chasing leading to a crossway with Roy disguised as a crossing guard. Roy then shows the Weasel a detour which leads to a cannon disguised as a tunnel which Roy uses to save the chickens and launch the weasel away. When Orson asks him where will the Weasel land, Roy tells him that he used enough gunpowder to launch him to another show which even Orson considers harsh.

Landing in a junkyard, the Weasel is ready to give up when he comes across the Feline Philosopher. Seeing his lack of motivation, the Philosopher gives him a speech that motivates the weasel to try again. Back on the farm, Roy and Orson discuss that the Weasel always attempts to steal the chickens but is not motivated enough to do it again. The weasel exits the chicken coop with chickens at a high speed and plows through Roy and Orson. He also plows through Wade with little notice while Orson and Roy give chase. The weasel runs too fast and the two eventually lose him.

Ending up in the same junkyard, Orson and Roy meet the Feline Philosopher who offers to give a motivational speech. Although Orson politely refuses, Roy tells him to listen hoping it will help. With that the Philosopher starts another speech which ends up motivating the two and continue their search for the Weasel. Eventually they find the weasel in the woods preparing to cook the chickens and chase him away.

Remembering how the Philosopher motivated the two, Roy believes the Weasel could simply go back to him and get motivated again. Orson plots to bring the Philosopher to Wade. When trying to motivate Wade, the Philosopher gets into an exchange of traumatic stories with him. Orson hopes that bonding with Wade will make the Philosopher too traumatized to motivate anyone else. When the two encounter him again, he declares he is giving up and running away. To their dismay, Wade has become the new philosopher, who then motivates the two of them to do chores around the farm.



  • This is the second episode to feature The Feline Philosopher.
  • This is the last episode to feature Bo Sheep

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