The Curse of Klopman is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield inherits the Klopman Diamond, a cursed jewel.


Herman is bringing the mail to Jon's house. Knowing what Garfield could plotting, he prepares himself with proper protection. He delivers the mail, believing he has actually pulled it off. He is then tangled by a rope trap Garfield had lying in wait. Jon gets a letter from the lawyer of his recently deceased cousin Norbert, who wants Jon to meet his lawyer for the reading of his will. As Garfield and Jon leave for the reading, they forgot to untie Herman.

At the reading, Norbert leaves nothing for his business partner, Elmwood Krass. He only gives Jon a message: "Hello". Garfield gets Norbert's most prized possession: the Klopman Diamond. Elmwood is outraged that Garfield is the only one to get anything substantial. The lawyer warns Garfield that the diamond is cursed, with Garfield scoffing at the notion.

As soon as Jon and Garfield get home, Elmwood arrives at the house demanding the diamond. Garfield turns down his request. When Odie arrives, Garfield throws him a ball, which leads to a chain reaction around the house. As Garfield dismisses the idea of bad luck, an ottoman plows him into the wall. As Garfield continues to deny that the diamond is cursed, a truck dumps cement into the house on top of him, due to the drivers arriving at the wrong address. After Garfield is freed from the cement, Elmwood returns to make another demand. Garfield refuses again, slamming the door, which falls on him, followed by the roof. He then settles for selling the diamond.

Elmwood signs a check to Garfield and leaves with the diamond, running into all sorts of events that almost mutilate him. Jon takes the check to pay for the house damage, leaving Garfield with nothing. Herman is still dangling in the tree.


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  • This is the first time the Klopman Diamond has had a major role in all Garfield media.
  • When Garfield answers the door after Elmwood first knocks, he says, "Hello, this is Garfield your doorman", alluding to Carlton the Doorman from Rhoda, who was also voiced by Lorenzo Music.

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