The Cartoon Cat Conspiracy is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield reveals the injustice cartoon cats end up suffering. He ultimately resorts to making his own cartoon about a cat.


Garfield is watching a cartoon about a cat chasing a mouse and being foiled in his endeavor. He stops the cartoon and points out how cats in cartoons are often portrayed in an unfair manner. He points out many problems he has with the cartoon he just watched.

  • The mouse being portrayed as the hero and the cat being portrayed as the villain.
  • The recycled background for the extended chase scene.
  • The cat smashing himself flat upon crashing into the wall and springing up like an accordion.
  • The cat pulling out a bulldog from the mousehole.
  • The cat's over-the-top reaction to the dog.
  • The dog chasing the cat for no legitimate reason

Garfield decides that he will talk to all sorts of animation studios to get them to stop demonizing cats in their shows.

  • Titanic Toons.
  • Quality Cartoons.
  • Adequate Animation LTD.
  • Cheapjack Animation Inc.

Every studio he visits kicks him out. So instead, he decides to make his own cartoon. He works several hours working on his show with Odie as his color artist. After it is finished, he presents his show to a network executive, The executive he turns it down at first; when he sees the terrible ratings his network has been suffering, he changes his mind.

That night, Garfield and Odie watch Garfield's show, which is called Sam the Cat, and it is revealed to have very poor art quality and lackluster animation. Sam, designed after Garfield, has his owner, designed after Jon, take the dog, designed after Odie, to the pound. Then a kitten, designed after Nermal appears. Sam drops a safe on him. While Garfield loves what he came up with, everyone else changes the channel at that moment. The executive comes to report the results of the show indicating that it did not do well. Garfield begs him not to cancel the show, and he assures him he will not if he agrees to one change.

Now, Garfield is starring in the same cartoon he showed at the beginning of the episode, believing it is not as bad as hosting a talk show.


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Jon
  • Cartoon cat (voiced by Thom Huge)
  • Cartoon mouse (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Cartoon dog (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Marge (voiced by Susan Silo)
  • Sam the Cat cast (all voiced by Lorenzo Music)
    • Sam
    • Sam's Owner
    • The Stupid Dog
    • Cute Cat


Cultural references

  • The cartoon at the beginning is similar to cartoons such as Tom & Jerry and Pixie & Dixie and Mr. Jinks, both by  Hanna-Barbera Productions.
  • One of the studios Garfield visits, Quality Cartoons, bears a resemblance to the Warner Bros. lot, including a water tower.

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