The Bunny Rabbits is Coming! is the second segment from the fortieth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Wade panics over a (grammatically incorrect) message saying "the bunny rabbits is coming!"


The mail comes in at the U.S Acres farm which sets off an alarm at Roy's house, much to his displeasure who is busy taking a bath for his date with the chickens. Outside Orson tells Wade they need to watch out for the Weasel again as Wade fears.

Roy then calls Orson about the mail through the can phone before resuming his bath. Finding only one letter with no return address, Orson reads a weird message that says "The Bunny Rabbits is Coming." Wade immediately panics over the message and runs across the farm yelling, "The Bunny Rabbits is Coming." At one point he runs into Booker and Sheldon who ask him why he is panicking over that message to which Wade goes into a song explaining that being afraid is the solution to everything in life and then resumes his yelling. From then on he runs across the farm yelling the warning with Orson, Booker, Roy, even the Weasel who is trying to steal chickens thinking it should be, "The Bunny Rabbits are Coming."

By then, Roy is ready for his date; he finds the chicken coop empty with weasel tracks all over the place. They lead to the weasel himself, where Roy panics and yells to Orson, "The chickens is missing." As Orson tries to correct Roy and eventually Wade who hears about the chickens, the Weasel ambushes and captures them in a sack and begins to head off with the chickens.

Just then a loud rumble is heard and Weasel sees giant bunny rabbits heading his way. He panics and tries to run before becoming trampled by them. Orson eventually frees the three of them from the sack as Roy frees the chickens, who hail him as a hero while Orson sees the Weasel waving goodbye before leaving in a daze.

Plato then arrives asking where his Bunny Rabbits went where Wade points in the direction they went. Plato is glad that sent that message claiming that those Rabbits of his are trouble. Orson tells Wade that the Weasel stole the chickens since he was not on guard duty worrying about the Bunny Rabbits. Despite that the threat over and Orson trying to correct him, Wade still goes around the farm yelling, "The Bunny Rabbits is Gone."


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