The Buddy Bears (Billy Buddy Bear, Bobby Buddy Bear, and Bertie Buddy Bear) are a trio of singing bears and occasional antagonists.


They are known on television for their educational and harmonizing content. They also shun freethinking, once stating that "if you disagree, then you're just a troublemaker". Garfield often tells them that their "message" is wrong, although they never listen to him. Their television show once replaced Binky's, and Roy sometimes gets stuck as the fall guy for their routines (in this case, the person who thinks for himself). The only time they fought with each other is when Garfield tricked them into arguing about pizza toppings.

The Buddy Bears also have a sister named Betty Buddy Bear.


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  • The Buddy Bears are a spoof of cartoon shows such The Get Along Gang (which Mark Evanier had written scripts for) and The Care Bears which focused on caring emotions, harmony, groupthink morality, and lack of conflict.
    • Ironically, the U.S. Acres segments from earlier seasons focused on similar values.
  • In later episodes, it is shown that they take their promises literally (e.g. dropping two 16-ton safes on Roy after promising not to drop a 16-ton safe on him).

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