The Bo Show is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


Everyone on the farm gets abducted by Orson's brothers, with the exception of Bo. Due to this, Bo ends up following a script where he portrays every character.


Orson is carefully bringing the bull (Brutus) into the shed as Bo is watching since the fence is all broken. He then asks Bo to grab a hammer which Bo gladly does.

On his way, he passes by Wade where Roy plays a joke on Wade saying the Civil War started making him run. Nearly running over Lanolin, she tells him to watch where he is going before getting abducted by one of Orson's brothers. Eventually Wade realizes he has been tricked and confronts Roy. Soon after, they too are abducted by the brothers. While Orson is fixing the fence around his garden, Booker runs through it making Orson to tell Booker do not run through the garden. The chick apologizes saying he needs to hunt worms before it gets dark and soon, they are also abducted by Orson's brothers.

At that moment, Bo comes in with the hammer, finding that everyone is missing. Meanwhile Orson's brothers plan to take their captors and dump them in a shaft so the farm can be theirs. When the viewer is about to change the channel, Bo stops the viewer and goes backstage to find another script. He comes across the script for next week's episode, which he proceeds to perform. To fill in the missing characters, Bo portrays all of them, which eventually becomes tiring. Meanwhile at the shaft, the brothers realize they forgot Bo and head back to the farm to capture him. The other follow the three in hopes of saving Bo.

Once the brothers return to the farm, they see Bo playing more roles in the script and though initially confused, they start to capture him. At that point Bo goes to a certain part where he plays Garfield with a crudely made mask. Mort, Wart, and Gort find him, mistaking him for Garfield. They ask where did Bo go, and he points to the shed. Finally Orson and the others reach Bo though he says he got it covered.

The brothers then enter the shed to grab Bo. They instead find the bull to which the bull chases the three off the farm. The others are proud that Bo tricked them, although Orson still has to catch the bull. Bo is willing to catch it complete with a cowboy outfit, getting tangled in the lasso.


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  • Due to the character appearing in the script, Bo impersonates Garfield by wearing a mask.

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