The Binky Show is the first segment of the ninth episode of Garfield and Friends.


In order to get a birthday gift for Jon, Garfield goes on a game show, Name That Fish, which is hosted by Binky the Clown.


Garfield wakes one morning and fears that it is Monday. He goes to the calendar and rips off a page. Initially relieved to see that it is not Monday, he then discovers that it is also Jon's birthday. He becomes worried as he has not yet gotten anything for Jon. On the television, he watches a commercial for a game show called Name That Fish. He considers appearing on the show to win a prize for Jon.

An episode of Name That Fish begins. The host, Binky the Clown, starts with a song. The announcer, Gary, picks Garfield as a contestant. Throughout the episode, Garfield has different games to play, with numerous prizes, all of questionable use, being offered. The first game involves a question that Garfield is unable to answer, due to an extremely short amount of time given, the question being a trick, and Garfield's inability to talk. The next game has Garfield naming a fish presented by Binky. He picks out what appears to be the correct species, then finds the answer is a first name- Walter.

Garfield loses hope in the show. Lights and sounds trigger a bonus round, where Garfield is expected to name all the fish that appear inside the booth before it is completely filled with water. Finding the show to be unreal, Garfield escapes from the booth and runs out of the studio. Back home, he finds himself asleep in bed. Concluding that he is dreaming, he wakes himself up.

The doorbell rings, prompting Jon to answer it. He finds Binky at the door, with Gary informing him of an unpleasant birthday surprise. Garfield, using a garden hose, sprays Binky into a wheelbarrow, sending him down the sidewalk. Garfield then proclaims that getting rid of Binky was his gift to Jon.


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  • "Walter" would later make a cameo appearance in "Don't Move".



  • When Jon first sees Binky, Binky's eyes are white instead of their usual yellow color.

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