The Big Talker is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield endeavors to get back at a superstitious cat hater.


Jon is watching TV and finds the program he is watching to be boring. While he is looking to see what else is on, the TV gets lassoed away by Odie who is pulling it in so Garfield can watch TV in bed. One show comes on starring Joe Palaver, who states that cats are good for nothing. Garfield wants Jon to go on the show to defend all cats, despite the fact that the man is a rude and condescending talk show host.

On the show, Joe asks Jon if there is anything particularly special about Garfield. Garfield tries in vain to act cute and playful to up the ante and show them that there is more to him; the two of them are shot out of the studio. Jon ends up going home to forget about everything, whilst Garfield is not willing to give up so easily.

Garfield hears that Joe is superstitious and does not want to take chances with things like a mirror while getting his makeup done. To help with that, Garfield paints himself black and crosses Joe's path, making him panic. Joe tries to get his good luck charms, then finds Garfield among them. He tries to hide in the control room, where Garfield is on every monitor. Garfield follows Joe wherever he goes.

On the next show, Joe apologizes on camera for all the rotten things he said about cats. The audience wants him gone for what he has done and Garfield pulls the lever, removing him from the set. Joe runs off in fear of the supposed black cat. His job done, Garfield thinks about washing the paint off before he runs into a superstitious pizza delivery guy, who drops a pizza he is delivering when he sees Garfield. Garfield catches it and has second thoughts.


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Cultural References

  • Joe Palaver's show is a parody of The Morton Downey Jr. Show, which pioneered "trash TV".

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