The Big Sleep is an episode from the second season of The Garfield Show.


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Garfield decides to hibernate until spring, but gets distracted constantly.


Garfield is watching TV and wants to eat nuts while watcing it. After he gets the nuts, he also gets a huge sandwich but when he returns, the nuts are gone, carried away by two squirrels. Garfield does not know this, as he proceeds to look in recurring character's mouths.

Unsuccessful, he heads back to eat the sandwich. He then discovers that the sandwich was also gone, so he gets Odie to find it. Odie leads Garfield to the squirrels, which apologize and tell Garfield that they had to store up body fat to hibernate in the winter. Garfield takes up this idea, as it combines two of his favorite activities: eating and sleeping.

Garfield convinces Jon to let him go to Albert's All-You-Can-Eat diner, where he had quite a feast 3 years ago. After eating a substantial amount of food, he goes home and sets his alarm clock to March, then goes to sleep.

Garfield wakes up, expecting it to be mid-April, and realizes that he woke after 9 minutes. He grabs a snack, and tries again, but many recurring characters keep bothering him from his hibernation.

After Jon falsely accuses him of something that Nermal did (throwing a party), he gets banned from the house and decides to attempt to hibernate with the squirrels. He concludes that hibernation isn't all that easy.


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  • When the squirrels scream, only a single voice is heard.

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